Chromatography - it's just a box
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From The Simpsons to Saturn


Chromatography can turn up in some surprising places:

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"So the next time you use a gas chromatograph, remember to thank Mr. A.J.P. Martin." Those writers  have done their homework.

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"Brace yourselves gentlemen, according to the gas chromatograph the secret ingredient is!? "Who's been screwing with this thing?"

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A Bank of Scotland 20 note showing a Waters liquid chromatograph

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Chromatography in space

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A U.K Royal Mail stamp celebrating Martin and Synge's 1952 Nobel prize for the separation of amino acids.

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A 10 Deutsche Mark note with the chromatographer's favourite peak - Gaussian.  Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777-1855
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Medicine Man starring Sean Connery. Working in the rain forest, he uses chromatography on a leaf extract which can cure cancer. His assistant  (Lorraine Bracco) views a chromatogram on a laptop and announces that there are 47 peaks. We see a scrolling list of the identities of the peaks which includes ferric chloride and silica - and a totally new organic compound (for which the computer program produces a structure!) all in the one chromatogram! The writers should talk to the writers of the Simpsons to get some tips.