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Chromatography in the solar system

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"The truth is out there" and chromatography will find it!

Mission Sampling Launching/arrival Instrument/columns Detector
NASA Viking to Mars gas 1975/1976 GC/Porapak Q TCD
NASA Viking to Mars soil 1978/1978 GCMS/coated Tenax MS
NASA Pioneer to Venus gas 1978/1978 GC/2 parallel Porapak N and PDVB TCD
USSR Venera 11 to14 to Venus gas 1978-1982 Sigma GC/3 in series of Polysorb,Zeolite and Magnesium oxide neon ionisation
USSR Vega  to Venus gas 1984/1985 Sigma 3 GC/ 3 parallel Porapak Q,S,N,T He ionisation +TCD + ECD
NASA/ESA Cassini-Huygens to Titan gas and aerosol 1997/2004 GCMS

Development and Analytical Aspects of Gas Chromatography for Space Exploration
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The Ninety Year History of Chromatography (1903 -1993) Yashin Y.I.
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Please note this is a Russian journal. I have a copy of the paper if required.