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Recollections - GCs I have known

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Pye Argon Ionisation. First shown in 1958, this 1959 picture was taken in our lab. The first chromatograph with a high sensitivity Argon ionisation detector invented by Jim Lovelock. It used a four foot vertically mounted straight column. The detector was at floor level and the injection point at a convenient level to inject whilst standing. My thanks to the lady on the left, Val for supplying the photograph

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Pye 104 First introduced in 1964. UK price for a single FID and temperature programmed column 590. I only used it briefly whilst testing out two to be exported to one of our factories in Europe. My thanks to Ian Wilson for the photograph. This is just part of his private historical collection.

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  Perkin-Elmer F11 My first GC - so many controls - what did you say this does again?
HP5750. Originally badged as an F&M I believe. The oven ramp was set by moving a mechanical handle along a notched slot. My first HP. My thanks to Brant Brown for the photograph.

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Perkin-Elmer 900

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Perkin-Elmer F17. This and the F30 were good workhorses. That automatic top opening oven lid was a good way of storing syringes and cups of coffee behind the instrument!

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Perkin-Elmer F30  "The best analytical performance of any GC on the market..............this performance can be achieved by an unskilled operator" but the brochure didn't include how great it was for baked potatoes and pizzas - although you had to watch out for cheese dripping onto the fan and heater.

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Perkin -Elmer 8300

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HP 5880

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Perkin-Elmer Sigma series. Notice that the start button is on the right of the injection port. This was pointed out to me by the designer during its launch period. He was left handed and would be injecting with his left hand so would naturally use his right hand to press start.

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Perkin Elmer Sigma 2000

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HP5890   Not so much a GC, more of a religious experience! The most reliable GC I have ever used. I have had some going virtually non-stop for nearly 20 years. Easy to use, at least in the early versions. The 7673 autosampler was/is still also amazingly reliable.

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Varian 3800. Has a really nice pulsed flame photometric detector. See links for the inventors page  - Aviv Amirav - which also includes some other original ideas.

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HP6890  time will tell (but it looks good so far)